This practice is not IBM. If therefore you are of the view that “no one gets fired for hiring IBM” this practice is not for you, because it is not large. It is very small. A one-woman band in fact, established in 2002, to cater for clients whose trade mark portfolios were not so vast that only a large firm could handle them.

Advances in technology plus the UK’s [and other countries, such as the USA, Japan, Korea and Australia] accession to the Madrid Protocol of the International trade mark system administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation have reduced administrative overheads so significantly in the last 15 years that it’s really only the very large FCMG companies who now must have a large law practice to manage their work. For everyone else, a small firm is all that you need.

This practice is also not merely to do with filing forms at the relevant Intellectual Property Offices. Sure, I do that. But that’s only part of the service. My aim is to solve peoples’ trade mark problems for them at reasonable prices - £120 ex Vat per hour. Further terms of business are here for clients based in the UK and for overseas attorneys.

I hope I can be of service to you.